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Mind Scour

Source Starfinder #27: Deceivers’ Moon pg. 44
Level 12; Price 35,250; Bulk L


A mind scour is composed of an adjustable steel circlet that can be placed around most humanoids’ heads, attached to a series of wires leading to a control console the size of a datapad. A mind scour scans the target’s memory and personality, collates and organizes that data, and presents on the control console a summary of key findings, which can then be transferred to a personal comm unit or other storage device. Reptoids use this information to adopt a perfect disguise, taking advantage of everything revealed, including dark secrets, passwords, the names of individuals important to the target, and more.

A mind scour must be used on a helpless, unconscious, or willing living creature, though it must also break down the creature’s subconscious defenses. After 1 minute of work, the creature can attempt a DC 19 Will saving throw to resist the mind scour’s mental probing. On a failure, the mind scour learns five pieces of secret information, usually answers to questions chosen by the user and entered into the control console before the process began. If the creature is still helpless, unconscious, or willing, the mind scour user can keep the device running for an additional minute to learn more, although the creature can make another saving throw at the end of that minute. A creature that succeeds can’t be subjected to a mind scour’s probing for 24 hours.

The mind scour’s probing is a mind-affecting, divination effect. Using a mind scour on a helpless or unconscious creature is an evil act.