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Absolute Compass

Once per day as a standard action, you can register the exact molecular makeup of a creature to an absolute compass by opening a compartment on the device and inserting a small sample of the creature (such as a hair, scale, or drop of blood). Once the compass is registered this way, the compass needle points toward the creature, regardless of distance. If the registered creature dies or is on a different plane from the compass, the device’s needle wobbles indecisively. More sophisticated models can register more than one creature, and the wielder simply needs to think about the creature they want to locate to have the compass switch targets.

Absolute Compass, Mk 1

Source Galactic Magic pg. 44
Level 1; Price 250; Bulk L


The compass can register one creature.

Absolute Compass, Mk 2

Source Galactic Magic pg. 44
Level 4; Price 1,800; Bulk L


The compass can register up to four creatures.