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Hackbots are semi-sentient programs designed to give the user access to a system. They were initially created to test security protocols but were eventually leaked to criminal groups, and now hackbots are a relatively inexpensive way to gain access to unguarded computer terminals without paying for dedicated computer specialists. For seasoned hackers, hackbots are useful assistants that can usually gain basic access while the hacker checks for shell programs or other intrusion countermeasures. The existing models of hackbots have limited capabilities; a hackbot is ineffective on any computer whose tier is equal to or higher than twice the hackbot’s item level.
You must have physical access to a computer to install a hackbot into the system, and you can do so as a full action. Like software imps, hackbots are housed on memory sticks and can only operate while the memory stick is inserted into a system. As the program never truly leaves the memory stick, if the stick is removed, their attempts to gain access to a computer system cease immediately, though once its memory stick is removed, a hackbot can be reused. A hackbot can only access unsecured systems, gain root access, or hack systems using the Computers skill bonus listed for its model, as directed by you (this takes no action). A hackbot works for 10 minutes or until it triggers a countermeasure, whichever comes first, at which point it shuts down and will not attempt to hack the same system for 24 hours.
ModelLevelPriceComputers Skill Bonus
Mk 12550+8
Mk 252,800+13
Mk 31017,250+20

Hackbot, Mk 2

Source Starfinder #51: Into the Dataverse pg. 52
Level 5; Price 2,800; Bulk

Hackbot, Mk 1

Source Starfinder #51: Into the Dataverse pg. 52
Level 2; Price 550; Bulk

Hackbot, Mk 3

Source Starfinder #51: Into the Dataverse pg. 52
Level 10; Price 17,250; Bulk