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Wetware Bug

A wetware bug is a small, digital chip programmed before use to look for specific information you wish to learn from a target. You can plant the bug covertly on an unwitting target with a successful Sleight of Hand check as though you were picking the creature’s pocket. Alternatively, you can plant the bug with a successful melee attack against the target’s EAC, and although the target easily notices you, it must succeed at a DC 21 Perception check to notice you placing the bug.
Once planted, the wetware bug sprouts tiny legs, attaches to the target creature, and begins observing the target’s thoughts. The creature attempts a Will save with a DC based on the device’s model. If the creature succeeds, it negates the bug’s effects and is aware of some attempt to read its mind. If it fails, the bug compiles psychic impressions and sends those to a designated receiver (like a comm unit) with an effective range of 1 mile. These impressions aren’t full thoughts, but are instead a sequence of emotions and fragmented words that grant you a +4 circumstance bonus to checks made to track or gather information about the target while the bug is active. After 2d4 hours, the bug’s magical batteries burn out, and it detaches, appearing to be a generic, damaged data chip.

Wetware Bug, Mk 3

Source Galactic Magic pg. 47
Level 9; Price 2,000; Bulk


The bug has a Will save DC of 21.

Wetware Bug, Mk 1

Source Galactic Magic pg. 47
Level 3; Price 255; Bulk


The bug has a Will save DC of 16.

Wetware Bug, Mk 2

Source Galactic Magic pg. 47
Level 6; Price 630; Bulk


The bug has a Will save DC of 18.