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Null-Space Tumor

Source Starfinder #16: The Blind City pg. 53
Level 5; Price 3,050; Bulk 1


While it is rare, some adventurers claim that exposing a null-space chamber to powerful teleportation magic (such as plane shift) can result in an unusual metallic growth appearing within the chamber. Scholars have yet to determine the true nature of these anomalies, which they call null-space tumors. A null-space tumor seems to have no obvious use or purpose, and merchants might sell you a null-space chamber with one inside without realizing it. The listed price and level is for a mk 1 null-space chamber with a null-space tumor inside; rumors persist that larger and more disruptive null-space tumors exist. A null-space tumor has 1 bulk and can’t be permanently removed from its associated chamber. You can’t purposefully call up a null-space tumor from its chamber, but each time you call up another item from the chamber, there is a 20% chance that the null-space tumor appears instead. When that happens, the tumor’s unusual properties randomly cause one of the following effects (roll 1d8 to determine the effect), after which the null-space tumor immediately teleports itself back into the chamber. The only way to destroy a null-space tumor is to destroy the null-space chamber it’s attached to.
1You and all your gear become invisible for 1d4+1 rounds, but you move as if through a thick soup; your speed is reduced to 10 feet during this time.
2Duplicates appear around you, as if you were affected by the spell mirror image for 1d4 minutes. However, you see doubles of every creature and object, meaning you have a 50% miss chance to attack a creature and a 50% chance to waste your action when you try to pick up or manipulate an object.
3You gain the benefits of comprehend languages for 1 hour, but anything you write down or type on a computer during this time instantly vanishes as per erase.
4You gain the benefits of keen senses for 10 minutes, but you take a –2 penalty to saving throws against sensedependent effects during this time.
5The tumor produces a wisp ally (as per the spell of the same name) that lasts for 1d4+1 rounds, but you don’t control it. The wisp ally chooses its targets and effect randomly.
6You instantly regain 1d6 Stamina Points, but lose the same number of Hit Points. If you have all your Stamina Points, you instead belch a ring of iridescent smoke.
7The next weapon you touch is affected as per supercharge weapon, but it immediately gains the broken condition after it is used to attack. You must touch a weapon within 1 minute or lose this ability.
8You gain a small degree of telepathy and can detect thoughts (as per the spell of the same name) for the next 5 minutes. However, your idealized self-image appears 15 feet away from you, as per a 1st-level casting of holographic image, and you have no control over this image.