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Planar Flare

Source Drift Crisis pg. 93
Level 1; Price 75; Bulk L


These single-use emergency signaling devices have been developed since the Drift Crash and issued to starship crews who might find themselves stranded. Individuals lost in the Drift might attempt to craft a planar flare to signal for help.
A planar flare is a pistol-shaped device that can store a single visual image such as a night sky, landmark, or map. The flare can be used to take this image, functioning as a digital camera, or the image can be uploaded from a personal comm. Once an image has been stored in the flare, the device can be set to transmit that image to one location anywhere in the galaxy. When used as a standard action, a planar flare emits a burst of planar energy and is reduced to dust, as magic sends the image through the Plane of Fire (or another plane) to its programmed destination. The stored image travels to its destination in 1d6+6 days. When it reaches the destination, the image appears, filling an area 30 feet in diameter for 1 minute before vanishing.
A planar flare can be used as a small arm, dealing 1d6 fire damage. When used in this way, a planar flare has a range increment of 15 feet and the critical hit effect burn 1d4. A planar flare is consumed upon use.