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Psychic Resonator

Source Starfinder #17: Solar Strike pg. 44
Level 12; Price 40,000; Bulk 100


A psychic resonator amplifies telepathy, allowing long-distance telepathic communication. The resonator doubles the range of limited telepathy and telepathy, affecting creatures on a planetary scale. If you have limited telepathy or telepathy, you can operate the psychic resonator as if it were a comm unit with a system-wide range to send a message to a creature you know. Otherwise, the resonator can send a telepathic broadcast at a much shorter range, such as from the depths of a star to that star’s surface. In any case, if your telepathy is language-dependent, you must still share a language with your target for that target to understand the message. In addition, sources of psychic interference can hamper or block messages sent through a psychic resonator, changing the message’s content, feeling, or both, as well as making the results affect only certain creatures.