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Rel-State Generator

Source Starfinder #33: Dominion’s End pg. 53
Level 19; Price 550,000; Bulk L



Using this handheld hybrid device, a Large or smaller user enters rel-state. It also can be attached to an object of Large size or smaller, in which case it affects the object and anything inside it (such as a vehicle and its passengers). Activating or deactivating a rel-state generator is a swift action. Creatures and objects in rel-state cease to exist; they can’t be perceived by any sense, can’t communicate or interact with other creatures or objects in any way, and are immune to all environmental effects. Nevertheless, they continue to take actions and can move through (but not see through) physical barriers. Nothing can leave a creature or object that has entered rel-state for the duration of the effect, so passengers of a vehicle in rel-state can’t exit the vehicle. When the rel-state generator is deactivated, the creatures or objects return to existence.