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Solarian Binding Crystal

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 163
Level 9; Price 13,000; Bulk


This technomagical crystal interacts uniquely with a solarian’s attunement cycle. When you are fully attuned in photon mode per the solarian’s stellar mode class feature, you can take a standard action to become unattuned and charge this reusable crystal. Doing so allows you to store your supernova for later use as a basic grenade with a range increment of 20 feet whose damage and radius is equivalent to your supernova stellar revelation. Only you can use this item as a grenade, and you must do so before you become fully photon-attuned again. Once the stored supernova has been expended, you can recover the crystal again for later use. Using the same solarian binding crystal more than once per day causes it to be destroyed after it releases the stored supernova.