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Sweet Dreambot

Source Galactic Magic pg. 47
Level 1; Price 145; Bulk 1


Sweet dreambots are stuffed toys that come in a variety of shapes and sizes resembling friendly alien lifeforms. Each sweet dreambot is engineered with predictive technology that can anticipate the onset of the dreams and nightmares of a single creature attuned to the stuffed toy. The toy has two settings: track and protect. While within 5 feet of the attuned creature while it sleeps, a sweet dreambot set to track records the creature’s nightmares; the data can be transferred to a computer for review, though the video is often somewhat blurry or disjointed. If within 5 feet of the attuned creature while set to protect, the sweet dreambot both disrupts mundane nightmares before they start and gives the creature a +2 resistance bonus to Will saves made while asleep or unconscious.
While designed to soothe children as they sleep, sweet dreambots have grown in popularity within the medical field and with travelers seeking cute and useful stuffed companions.