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Teambuilding Charm

Source Starfinder #51: Into the Dataverse pg. 53
Level 8; Price 9,000; Bulk


These circular, glowing green charms show a constant stream of data across their tiny screens and are sold in pairs. A single teambuilding charm is usually affixed to a bracelet or necklace, but it can be worn as a ring or piercing. When a group of two or more individuals, each willingly wearing a teambuilding charm, stay within close proximity of each other (100 feet or less) for 24 hours, the charms attune to each other and their users. For another teambuilding charm to be added to the group, the existing charms must be reset by being removed for 24 hours.
Once at least two teambuilding charms are attuned to each other, they give subtle psychic information to the wearer on the health of each of the other wearers no matter the distance, as long as they’re on the same plane of existence. If the bearer of one of the charms falls ill or ceases to live, the others are instantly aware of their status. As a standard action, a charm wearer can activate their charm to determine the direction and distance of another charm wearer as long as they’re on the same planet. Beyond direction and status, no other information is given.