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Telesthetic Beacon

Source Drift Crisis Case Files pg. 54
Level 9; Price 12,500; Bulk L


This tiny metal disc functions as a tracking bug, but its surface is covered in intricate magical circuitry to enable remote perception. A telesthetic beacon can be attuned to the psychic frequency of a specific mind, a process that requires a creature to spend 15 minutes concentrating on a beacon in their possession. A creature can only be attuned to one telesthetic beacon at a time, and a beacon can likewise only be attuned to a single mind; attuning to a beacon already attuned to another creature requires a successful Charisma check (DC = 10 + Charisma modifier of the currently attuned creature) and can only be attempted once every 24 hours.
Once attuned, the creature can treat the telesthetic beacon as the origin point of any divination (scrying) spells or effects they cast, regardless of physical distance between the beacon and the creature, as long as both are on the same plane. Thanks to their small size and inconspicuous appearance, these devices are used by law enforcement, espionage organizations, and criminal enterprises alike.