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Spell Putty

Invented by space goblins to better “taste enchantments” found on Absalom Station scrap, this purple-gray putty proved far more effective at transferring magical concepts from an item to a user. When you spend 1 minute working the putty against the surface of a spell gem or spell ampoule, you imprint that item’s stored spell into the putty, causing the putty’s surface to look as though it’s covered in tiny glyphs and magical formulae for 24 hours. This process drains the spell ampoule’s or spell gem’s magic, rendering it inert.
You can consume an imprinted piece of spell putty as a standard action. If you’re a spellcaster and the imprinted spell is on your class spell list, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to temporarily learn that spell, adding it to your list of known spells for 8 hours. You can learn only one spell at a time from spell putty, and consuming another piece deactivates any other spell putty you’ve eaten.
The maximum spell level that a piece of spell putty can absorb is based on its model. Spell putty worked into spell ampoules and spell gems whose spell level is too high has no effect, but the spell putty remains viable and can later be applied to a more suitable item.

Spell Putty, 1st-Level

Source Galactic Magic pg. 52
Level 2; Price 100; Bulk

Spell Putty, 0-Level

Source Galactic Magic pg. 52
Level 1; Price 25; Bulk

Spell Putty, 2nd-Level

Source Galactic Magic pg. 52
Level 4; Price 300; Bulk

Spell Putty, 3rd-Level

Source Galactic Magic pg. 52
Level 7; Price 850; Bulk

Spell Putty, 4th-Level

Source Galactic Magic pg. 52
Level 10; Price 2,550; Bulk

Spell Putty, 5th-Level

Source Galactic Magic pg. 52
Level 13; Price 7,000; Bulk

Spell Putty, 6th-Level

Source Galactic Magic pg. 52
Level 16; Price 22,000; Bulk