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Blender Fist

Source Galactic Magic pg. 48
Level 7; Price 5,800; Bulk L


Popularized by the half-orc game show gladiator Ketash the Mighty on Eoxian broadcasts, the blender fist is an adjustable metal wristband that can be worn on a non-cybernetic limb able to wield a weapon. You can activate the blender fist as a swift action, transforming the end of the equipped limb into a small field of whirling blades, dropping anything that was held by the limb in the process. While your blender fist is activated, you’re treated as armed, and you gain a special unarmed strike that deals 1d6 lethal slashing damage, threatens squares, and doesn’t count as archaic. This unarmed strike has the bleed 1d8 critical hit effect. You can deactivate the blender fist as a swift action, restoring your limb to its original form.