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Divination Mirror

Source Starfinder #18: Assault on the Crucible pg. 36
Level 8; Price 8,500; Bulk 2


You can use a divination mirror to display the results of divination spells that provide you with information or images, allowing others to see or otherwise experience this information as you do in real time. You must be within 30 feet of the mirror to use its capabilities. You can transmit to the mirror anything sensed by a magical sensor you create, such as with arcane eye or clairaudience/clairvoyance. The mirror can transmit sound, so you can cause it to reproduce what you hear from spells such as augury, commune with nature, contact other plane, detect thoughts, and divination. The mirror can display the aura of someone you subject to discern lies, as well as impressions and images you receive from spells such as retrocognition and vision. You can allow the mirror to transmit telepathic messages you receive so others present can hear that content. Divination spells that only change the nature of information you send and receive—such as comprehend languages, tongues, and true seeing—can’t be used through the mirror.