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Energy Transference Amulet

Source Galactic Magic pg. 48
Level 5; Price 2,800; Bulk


Cybernetic prostheses occasionally inhibit a witchwyrd’s ability to catch incoming magic missiles, so Tetrad mystics developed energy transference amulets to help their augmented regain some of their lost magical ability. Upon discovering that non-witchwyrds can benefit from the devices just as readily, witchwyrds now sell the amulets across the galaxy. While you wear this inverted triangle amulet, as a reaction, you can catch magic missiles fired at you, catching up to one missile per free hand (or grasping appendage). You must be aware of the incoming magic missiles and can’t be flat‑footed while using this ability. After catching a missile, that hand manifests a faintly glowing nimbus for 6 rounds, during which time the hand can’t catch additional missiles. As a move action, you can transfer the captured energy from one or more hands to a battery within your reach, restoring 1d4 of the battery’s expended charges per missile’s energy you transfer in this way. A hand that transfers its energy to a battery no longer glows and is available to catch additional magic missiles.
This amulet functions as an absorb force graft (Alien Archive 4 140), and you can use the captured magic missile energy to instead activate any force bolt graft (Alien Archive 4 144) you have.