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Formlock Serum

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 168
Level 6; Price 635; Bulk


This flat, gray fluid has a sharp scent and bland flavor. For 1 hour after you drink this serum, you gain a +4 circumstance bonus to saving throws to resist polymorph effects and any affect that would give you a mutation, such as the mutation critical hit effect, a hesper’s mutating touch ability, or a pluprex demon’s invoke mutation ability. If you fail a saving throw against a polymorph effect or a mutation while this serum is in effect, you can spend 2 Resolve Points to reroll the failed saving throw. You must keep the results of the reroll and can’t reroll this saving throw a second time. After the results of this reroll are applied, the formlock serum’s duration immediately ends, as the last of the serum’s magic is burned from your system.