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Germination Serum

Source Ports of Call pg. 53
Level 12; Price 5,700; Bulk L


A willing living creature who imbibes this serum immediately falls into a deep sleep lasting for 8 hours. During this time, harmless tendrils of vegetation sprout from and wrap around the creature’s body, eventually encasing it in a thick podlike shell. When the creature wakes, it emerges from the pod cured of all ailments as if affected by a restoration spell (Core Rulebook 374), except any permanent negative levels are restored in addition to temporary ones.
Some conspiracy-minded individuals claim that germination serum is actually a bioweapon developed by some nefarious plant species and that the creatures who emerge from the pods are actually sinister duplicates of the creatures that went in, the originals having been fully digested during the interval. These rumors are almost certainly untrue.