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Green Mother’s Final Trick

Source Galactic Magic pg. 50
Level 12; Price 30,000; Bulk L


While these armbands originally were gifts to favored servants from fey Eldest, like the Green Mother, a wide variety of plant societies such as ghoran labs and raxilite workshops now enchant nearly identical facsimiles. A final trick resembles a tangle of brilliant emerald vines with ruby‑red thorns. You wear the band around exposed flesh on an arm, neck, leg, or tail where its sharp thorns painlessly prick into the skin.
While wearing a final trick, you gain a +4 resistance bonus to saving throws against poison. If you successfully save against a poison, as a reaction you can absorb the poison into the final trick. As a standard action, you can deliver the poison with a touch, requiring a successful attack against an unwilling target’s EAC. Alternatively, you can deliver the poison as a reaction when you successfully damage a creature with a melee unarmed strike. The saving throw DC to resist the absorbed poison uses the poison’s original save DC or a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 your level + your Constitution modifier, whichever is lower. The final trick can store only one poison at a time, and the stored poison loses its potency and becomes useless if not used within 1 minute.