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Inspiration Blazon

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 114
Level 11; Price 23,500; Bulk 1


Inspiration can play a large part in success, and as such some leaders wear magical symbols to inspire their allies during tough situations. An inspiration blazon is a decorated medal or tabard that lets you lend your allies your Resolve.

An inspiration blazon must be worn prominently to function. When an ally within 60 feet of you spends Resolve Points, as a reaction while you are wearing an inspiration blazon, you can activate the blazon to inspire that ally, provided that you can see and be heard by the ally. You speak words of encouragement and spend up to 2 Resolve Points to reduce the number of Resolve Points your ally spends by the amount you spent, to a minimum of 0. The blazon has no effect on an ally who has no Resolve Points. An inspiration blazon can’t affect a given ally again until that ally regains Resolve Points during an 8-hour rest.