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Serum Of Fey’s Fickle Fancy

A serum of fey’s fickle fancy is a vial of viscous liquid whose colors shift and changes constantly. Upon consuming this serum, roll a d6 a number of times equal to the mark of the serum (rerolling any duplicate results) and apply the effects listed in the table below. D6
1Sparkling clouds fill your vision, and you're dazzled for 1 minute
2You can speak only in singsong rhyme for 1 minute.
3You change colors constantly for 1 minute.
4You regain 4d8 Hit Points. If this amount exceeds that needed to reach your maximum Hit Points, you also become nauseated for 1 round.
5You gain a +1 luck bonus to AC for 1 minute.
6You gain a +2 luck bonus on the first d20 roll you make within the next 1 minute.


Serums are vials of magic liquid that you can imbibe as a standard action or carefully trickle down the throat of a helpless or unconscious creature as a full action. Serums are normally 1 ounce of liquid (though it is possible to make serums with larger volumes, these are no more effective than standard serums), and lose potency if they are mixed with any other material. A serum can be used only once. Regardless of a serum’s actual item level, all serum vials have their hardness and Hit Points calculated as if they were 1st-level items.

Serum Of Fey’s Fickle Fancy, Mk 1

Source Drift Crisis pg. 113
Level 3; Price 250; Bulk L

Serum Of Fey’s Fickle Fancy, Mk 2

Source Drift Crisis pg. 113
Level 7; Price 950; Bulk L