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Banishing Blade

Banishing blades are magic weapons capable of forcing extraplanar foes back to their native plane. These weapons were once used primarily by the Church of Iomedae in its crusades against fiendish incursions, but the Drift Crisis brought growing concerns that other extraplanar creatures might threaten the Material Plane, and production of these weapons accelerated. All banishing blades function as if they had the holy fusion in addition to the rest of their abilities. This counts against how many total fusions a banishing blade can have.
If you score a critical hit against a creature with the extraplanar subtype, that creature must succeed at Will save (DC = 10 + item level + your key ability score modifier) or be sent back to its home plane, as the spell dismissal, with the following exceptions: if the creature also has the evil subtype, the banishing blade counts as an object the subject opposes, granting a +2 to the save DC and a +1 on caster-level checks to overcome the subject’s spell resistance, if any. If you must make a caster-level check to overcome a target’s spell resistance to use this effect, use the banishing blade’s item level as your caster level. For mk 1 and mk 2 banishing blades, the banished creature automatically returns in the same spot from where it was banished after 1 minute has elapsed.

Banishing Blade, Mk 4

Source Drift Crisis pg. 54
Level 20; Price 967,000; Bulk 1


Functions as a dimensional slice longsword.

Banishing Blade, Mk 1

Source Drift Crisis pg. 54
Level 8; Price 10,500; Bulk 1


Functions as a sintered longsword.

Banishing Blade, Mk 2

Source Drift Crisis pg. 54
Level 12; Price 39,000; Bulk 1


Functions as an ultrathin longsword.

Banishing Blade, Mk 3

Source Drift Crisis pg. 54
Level 17; Price 289,000; Bulk 1


Functions as a molecular rift longsword.