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Quickthin Tattoo

Source Starfinder #39: The Gilded Cage pg. 53
Level 11; Price 22,800; Bulk


Popular among criminals, politicians, and celebrities, a quickthin tattoo helps its wearer escape capture. As a move action, you can activate a quickthin tattoo to instantly transform into a flat and nearly two-dimensional depiction of yourself for 1 round. For this effect’s duration, you can travel through narrow gaps and spaces without difficulty; your movement doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity; and you can’t be entangled, grappled, or pinned. If you’re already entangled, grappled, or pinned, these conditions immediately end. Your equipment transforms with you and can be used normally, but you can’t be disarmed or sundered. At the beginning of your turn while a quickthin tattoo is active, you can spend a reaction to extend the duration of the quickthin tattoo by one additional round. A quickthin tattoo can be used for up to 5 rounds each day; these rounds don’t need to be consecutive. A quickthin tattoo doesn’t count as a worn magic item and can’t be disarmed, sundered, or sold.