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Regeneration Serum

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 126
Level 6; Price 600; Bulk


This vial is filled with a brownish liquid that appears to be as thick as tar. When using a regeneration serum, you choose one body part that was severed from your body or one organ that was ruined (such as by the wounding critical hit effect) and inject the serum via syringe to the corresponding region on your body. For 24 hours after injecting yourself with the serum, you require a day’s worth of food and fluids every hour (which you can ingest without any of the normal repercussions of such excessive consumption) or the serum’s effects stop without effect. During this time, your severed limb or ruined organ begins to regenerate. After 24 hours have passed, the limb or organ fully regenerates and is functional.

Each regeneration serum can regenerate only one limb or organ at a time, and you cannot benefit from multiple regeneration serums simultaneously.