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Ring of Astrozoology

Source Galactic Magic pg. 52
Level 7; Price 6,500; Bulk


Carvings adorn this wooden ring, depicting natural creatures from its creator’s home world. While wearing the ring, you can cast the charm monster spell once per day (save DC = 13 + your key ability score modifier; caster level 5th), though the spell can affect only creatures with the animal type.
The ring also grants you a special rapport with strange creatures, granting you a +5 insight bonus to Survival checks made to bond with a companion creature (Alien Archive 3 138) whose creature type is different than your own, and to Survival checks made to release a companion creature. As a standard action, you can destroy the worn ring to restore your creature companion to life, affecting it as though you had cast mystic cure as a 4th-level spell.