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Ring Of Genie Calling

In ages past, it was common for genies to punish their own by binding them to an object such as a lamp or ring, allowing that object’s possessor to force the genie to do their bidding. Such a punishment is rarely used anymore, but the tradition has continued in other forms. Sometimes, as part of a contract or to pay off a debt, a genie will agree to a period of servitude, binding themselves to a ring or other item and presenting it to the holder of the contract.
Once per week, you can use the ring to beseech the ring’s bonded genie for help in one of two ways. First, you may ask it a question, as the contact other plane spell, except the genie always gives a truthful answer if it knows the answer, and no answer if it doesn’t. Alternatively, you can request that the genie make an object for you, as the creation spell. After you make your request, the object appears in an adjacent square. Bonded djinn and shaitan are capable of casting creation as a 4th-level spell in this manner, while bonded efreet and marids are capable of casting creation as a 5th-level spell.
Additionally, each ring gives the wearer energy resistance, shown below.

Ring Of Genie Calling, Shaitan

Source Drift Crisis pg. 54
Level 12; Price 39,000; Bulk


Acid resistance 10

Ring Of Genie Calling, Djinn

Source Drift Crisis pg. 54
Level 9; Price 15,900; Bulk


Electricity resistance 5

Ring Of Genie Calling, Efreeti

Source Drift Crisis pg. 54
Level 15; Price 112,000; Bulk


Fire resistance 15

Ring Of Genie Calling, Marid

Source Drift Crisis pg. 54
Level 17; Price 270,000; Bulk


Cold resistance 20