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Sun Bean Ice

Source Starfinder #14: Soldiers of Brass pg. 41
Level 1; Price 80; Bulk L


Sun bean ice features an engineered species of sweet bean that many consider to be a “native” crop of the sun. For 1 hour after you drink sun bean ice, you treat hot environments as if they were one step lower (very hot to normal, severe heat to very hot, and extreme heat to severe heat). This has no effect on heat exposure due to direct contact, such as by touching lava or boiling water. During this duration, you do not suffer from heatstroke if you take damage from heat exposure, and if you are already suffering from heatstroke when you drink a sun bean ice, you can immediately attempt a DC 15 Fortitude saving throw to end the heatstroke. Drinking multiple servings of sun bean ice increases the duration, but the effects do not stack.