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Tattoo Pact

Source Starfinder #39: The Gilded Cage pg. 53
Level 2; Price 510; Bulk


Utilized by criminals, business partners, and paranoid lovers, tattoo pacts are a boon to anyone who wants to ensure a bargain gets upheld but who can’t trust the participants. They’re often used to seal agreements (such as bargains, business deals, and contracts), as part of a wedding ceremony, or to swear someone to secrecy. Tattoo pacts come in sets of 2–4 (with matching designs) and must be purchased and applied at the same time; the listed price is for a set of up to four tattoos. The tattoo can only be applied to willing and conscious individuals.

Once a set is applied, the wearers must speak aloud an agreement, deal, or oath they agree to uphold. If one of the participants breaks the agreement, all tattoo pacts in the set change color, signaling that the pact has been broken. A tattoo pact can’t be removed unless all participants are adjacent and speak a command word that signals the oath’s completion, which immediately removes all tattoo pacts in the set. A tattoo pact doesn’t count as a worn magic item and can’t be disarmed, sundered, or sold.