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Trench Coat of Utility

Source Galactic Magic pg. 52
Level 8; Price 10,000; Bulk L


This fashionable coat made of soft, weatherproof fabric is easily worn over other clothing or light armor. The coat’s interior appears unremarkable, but while wearing it, you can perceive an array of small plastic cards that line the interior, stored in shallow pockets only you can access. Each of the cards projects a small, slowly rotating hologram of a tool or weapon, and you can easily identify the cards by sight or feel. As a move action, you can withdraw and activate one of the cards, permanently transforming it into the corresponding weapon or tool that appears in your hand or in a space adjacent to you. A newly created trench coat of utility always has two each of the following cards: survival knife, flashlight, aerosol spray, gear clamp, crowbar, and a 50-foot length of titanium alloy cable.
Additionally, the coat has several other cards available. Roll 4d4 to determine the number of other cards, and then roll for each card on the table below to determine what it represents. The coat might contain multiple cards of the same type. You can’t replace a card once it’s removed and transformed.
01–08Satchel containing 1,000 UPBs
09–15Magnetic jack
16–22Average lock
23–30Credstick containing 1,000 credits
31–44Collapsible ladder (20 feet)
45–51Basic enercycle
52–59Black nanite hypopen
60–68Serum of healing, mk 2
69–75Basic emergency raft (inflated)
76–83High-capacity battery (40 charges)
84–90Observer-class security robot
91–96Laser drill