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Source Starfinder Armory pg. 55
In the Pact Worlds, manufacturing weapons is a lucrative business with guaranteed customers, ranging from law enforcement and private security operations to explorers, mercenaries, and less savory outfits. Although many corporations produce a variety of weapons, some are known for product lines featuring particular modifications.

Many of these modifications can’t be used on weapons that operate without internal mechanisms the manufacturer’s alteration can govern. Such weapons include analog melee weapons, bows, thrown weapons, and grenades.

Off the shelf, no weapon can have more than one manufacturer’s modification. However, plenty of weapon dealers offer customization, allowing you to combine mods that other manufacturers may be known for. You can mix modifications yourself by crafting the item you want. If you combine mods in any way, the final price of the finished item is equal to the normal price plus the cost of the modifications plus another 10%. In any case, a specific manufacturer’s rules supersede these generalities. If a question arises, the GM is the arbiter of whether a modification can be applied to a weapon or if certain modifications can’t be combined.

Iratha Incorporated

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 56
Iratha Incorporated specializes in biotech augmentations, but the company has made a small ingress into the weapons industry by modifying armaments to include a biometric lock keyed to allow use only by authorized users. This lock functions like a biometric lock starship security system, but the DC uses the weapon’s item level in place of the starship’s tier. The biometric lock is integrated with a weapon’s activation mechanism and works by disabling that apparatus. Iratha Incorporated modifications increase the price of a weapon by 10%.