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Operative Specializations

The following are some common operative specializations.


Source Interstellar Species pg. 28
You specialize in close combat, leveraging your intimidating presence to crush your foes’ defenses and hinder their attacks.

Associated Skills: Athletics and Intimidate. You can attempt an Intimidate check with a +4 bonus to make a trick attack by menacing your opponent, making them hesitate to raise a defense. This is a fear effect, and if your foe has a bonus to saving throws against fear effects, they also apply it to the skill check DC of this Intimidate check.
Specialization Exploit: Fearsome presence.
Domineering Strike (Ex): Whenever you make a trick attack against a creature that’s frightened, panicked, prone, or shaken, you treat any trick attack damage dice that roll a 1 or 2 as if they had rolled a 3 instead.