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Operative Specializations

The following are some common operative specializations.


Source Tech Revolution pg. 28
Your lightning reflexes and cool-headed judgment are without equal when you’re behind the wheel.

Associated Skills: Piloting and Survival. When you make an attack while you’re inside a vehicle, you can attempt a Piloting check with a +1 bonus to make a trick attack.
Specialization Exploit: Trick Stunt.
One With the Wheel (Ex): At 11th level, you reduce the penalty you take to attack rolls attempted from a moving vehicle by 2. By spending 1 Resolve Point, you can perform one of the following vehicle actions using the associated action type: board or disembark from a vehicle (swift action); start a vehicle (swift action); stop short (swift action); take control (no action); relinquish control (no action); engage or disengage autocontrol (no action); engage or disengage autopilot (no action); or make a single attack using a one-handed weapon as part of performing the race action (no action).