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Capricious Cats

Source Ports of Call pg. 123
Classes Mystic 3, Witchwarper 3
School conjuration
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range 30 ft.
Area spherical emanation
Duration 1 minute or until expended (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes


You conjure a pack of Tiny whimsical cats that scamper and perch within 30 feet of you wherever you move. These adorable felines are only semi-real and are immune to damage. The cats appear with their own inclinations and don’t meaningfully heed your other instructions: roll 1d6 five times on the table below to determine these inclinations. This can result in multiple inclinations of the same type. As a move action, you can expend one of these inclinations and issue a command to the cats as a move action (for mischief or spite inclinations) or a reaction (for affection), causing the cats to perform the associated action once. Once you’ve expended all of the inclinations, the cats disappear.
1–2Affection: Cats purr, nuzzle, and perch atop one creature in the emanation. The creature can reroll a saving throw they just failed against a fear, mind-affecting, or pain effect and use the second result.
3–4Mischief: Cats crowd, distract, and cling to one creature in the emanation, successfully providing your choice of covering fire or harrying fire.
5–6Spite: Cats claw and bite one creature in the emanation. Make a melee attack against KAC, for which you can use your caster level in place of your base attack bonus and your spellcasting ability modifier in place of your Strength modifier. The attack deals 4d6 slashing damage.