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Cheat Time

Source Galactic Magic pg. 70
Classes Precog 6
School abjuration
Casting Time 1 round; see text
Range personal
Duration instantaneous


You unfetter yourself in time, rapidly performing a variety of actions in the blink of an eye. You can perform up to six actions from the following options, in a combination and order of your choice, though some actions end the spell immediately.

Attack: You can perform an attack with any weapon you're wielding. After you perform this action, cheat time immediately ends, eliminating any unused actions.

Combat Maneuver: You can perform a bull rush, dirty trick, disarm, or trip combat maneuver. When you attempt these combat maneuvers, you can use your key ability modifier instead of your Strength modifier if it's higher.

Manipulate Object: You can manipulate an object within reach.

Move: You can move up to your speed. This movement doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity.

Spell: You can cast a spell with a casting time of 1 standard action. After you perform this action, if the spell you cast is offensive, cheat time immediately ends, eliminating any unused actions.