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Drift Messenger

Source Drift Crisis pg. 93
Classes Mystic 5, Technomancer 5
School conjuration (summoning)
Casting Time 1 round
Range close (25 ft. +5 ft./2 levels)
Effect one summoned iridia
Duration 1 minute
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


You briefly summon an iridia, a spectra native to the Drift, to deliver a message for you. The iridia is indifferent to you and will take no other action on your behalf; it remains within range of you for 1 minute, during which time you can communicate your message to it, transmit a data file to it by means of a comm, or give it a physical object no larger than 2 bulk. You must identify the recipient of your message by name and provide that recipient’s location.
Once it has your message, is targeted by any hostile effect, or the duration of the spell expires (whichever comes first), the iridia vanishes and moves through the Drift to the named location, traveling at the speed of a starship with a Drift engine rating of 1. When it arrives at the location you’ve provided, it attempts to deliver whatever you told or gave it to the individual you named. If it fails to find that individual, it abandons your message. No information regarding the success or failure to deliver your message is provided by this spell.