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Forceful Fling

Source Redshift Rally pg. 59
Classes Mystic 3
School evocation
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Targets one willing creature
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


You fling a willing ally across the battlefield, moving them 30 feet in a straight line from its original position to an unoccupied square in range. The target provokes attacks of opportunity for this movement, as normal, but is unaffected by difficult terrain since it remains airborne for the movement. The target has a –2 penalty to its AC during this movement and until the start of its next turn. If the target ends this movement adjacent to an enemy, the target can attack that enemy with a melee attack as a reaction. The target takes a –2 penalty to this attack roll.