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Scan Environment

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 23
Classes Mystic 1, Precog 1, Technomancer 1, Witchwarper 1
School divination
Casting Time 1 minute
Range 1 mile/level
Area emanation with radius of 1 mile/level centered on you
Duration concentration, up to 1 minute/level


You analyze the naturally occurring environment in the area, learning the state of the atmosphere, biomes, and gravity. You do not learn the location of or direction to these conditions, only their presence. However, after concentrating for a time, you can learn the following additional information.

1 Minute: Forecast the weather for the next 48 hours, including the direction it will come from.

5 Minutes: Learn which atmospheres, biomes, and gravity are in the area, if they vary, as well as the direction and distance to those elements.

10 Minutes: Learn if anything in the area presents an environmental hazard, including cold or heat dangers (at what temperature range), radiation (at what severity), smoke effects, and underwater conditions. You gain a general sense of where and how far away these dangers are.