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Sonic Form

Source Starfinder #48: Masters of Time and Space pg. 52
Classes Technomancer 6, Witchwarper 6
School transmutation (polymorph, sonic)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range personal
Duration 1 round/level


You transform your body and your equipment into semisolid sound. While in this sonic form, you’re considered incorporeal, except that you can’t move through solid objects and you can be detected by senses based on sound or vibrations. You take no penalties for squeezing and you can move through spaces without penalty as if you were a creature three size categories smaller. You can make a magical melee attack as a standard action that deals 6d6 sonic damage and has the deafen critical hit effect (DC = 10 + half your spellcaster level + your key ability score modifier). Any nonmagical kinetic attacks you make deal half damage.
If you end your turn in an area of vacuum or a place where sound is somehow suppressed, you take 4d6 damage (no saving throw). If this spell’s duration ends when you’re in a square that a creature of your size can’t normally occupy, you take 3d6 damage and are shunted to the nearest open space that you can normally occupy.