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Albitta's Paint Sprayer

Source Ports of Call pg. 63
Level 4; Price 2000
Capacity 10; Usage 1/use
Hands 1; Bulk L


While industrial paint sprayers are available via commercial construction stores and infosphere sites, the ones found in Drifter’s End are inspired by the “paint pistol” supposedly used by famous street artist Albitta. It’s shaped a bit like a small arm with a large canister in place of the clip to hold the paint. As a standard action, you can use a paint sprayer to spray paint in a 15-foot cone, covering all creatures and objects in the area. Invisible creatures and objects in the area are rendered partially visible unless they succeed at a DC 15 Reflex saving throw. A partially visible creature is no longer unseen but still benefits from concealment (20% miss chance). The paint can be removed by spending 10 minutes scrubbing it off with a cleaning solution, through magical means such as token spell (cleaning 1 cubic foot per round), or with a paint remover. A paint sprayer’s canister can be refilled with a paint color of your choosing for 20 credits.