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All-Purpose Accessory

Source Tech Revolution pg. 46
Level 3; Price 1500
Capacity 20; Usage 1/reconfiguration
Hands —; Bulk L


With a press of a button, this stylish accessory transforms into a variety of useful items. All-purpose accessories come in multiple designs, including cufflinks, tie pins, barrettes, and jewelry. When you activate your all-purpose accessory as a move action, it instantly reconfigures into your choice of the following items: a grappler, a tool kit that grants a +4 bonus to Engineering checks made to disable locks and mechanical traps, or a survival knife. Reconfiguring your accessory to its original form is a more complicated process that takes 1 minute. Each reconfigured item takes the normal number of hands to use and draws any usage from the all-purpose accessory’s own battery.