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Smart Lock

This digitally controlled lock uses cutting-edge technology and advanced programing to secure doors and alert owners of unauthorized entry. Smart locks work the same way as conventional locks of the same quality (Core Rulebook 220) but with added features that sync to a computerized security system. An average smart lock includes two of the security features below, selected at the time of purchase. Different security companies might offer alternative features, though smart locks rarely have more than four security features. Good and superior smart locks include all four features. Anyone studying a smart lock can identify which features it has with a successful DC 20 Engineering check.
An intruder can try to disable one or more of the lock’s features while disabling the lock. For each feature they attempt to disable, increase the time it takes to disable the lock by 1d4, and increase the Engineering DC to open the lock by 1. Disabling a lock feature prevents it from triggering or registering the intrusion, such as not scrambling a passcode or automatically relocking.
Automatic Relock: The smart lock relocks itself each time its door closes.
Ink Spray: Should an intruder fail an Engineering check to disable the lock, dark magitech ink sprays onto the would-be thief (Reflex DC 20 negates). In addition to staining skin, hair, and fabric, the ink reacts to 0-level spells that would remove it, such as token spell, by instead turning a vibrant hue in response to the magic. The ink fades after 1d4 days.
Lock-State Detection: The lock monitors its status—open, closed, damaged, and so on—and regularly conveys this information to a computer within 500 feet. In addition to the lock logging exactly when it opens, the lock is typically designed to activate an alarm if opened by an unauthorized user, if its door remains open for more than a minute, or if more than a minute passes without the lock successfully contacting its linked security computer.
Scramble Passcode: The smart lock lets a passcode work only once. After the code is used, whether by a legitimate keycard or by tricking the lock with disable device, the smart lock creates a new passcode. Legitimate keycards contain an algorithm to generate a valid passcode, but an intruder must attempt a new Engineering check to disable the lock each time it closes and resets.

Smart Lock, Average

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 129
Level 4; Price 1850
Hands 2; Bulk L

Smart Lock, Good

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 129
Level 8; Price 8700
Hands 2; Bulk L

Smart Lock, Superior

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 129
Level 16; Price 150000
Hands 2; Bulk L