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Bypass Subroutine

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 98
Level 11; Price 23,000
Hands —; Bulk


A bypass subroutine is a miniaturized single-function computer which takes the form of a ring with four nanite circuit-nodes and can be sized to fit nearly any finger. The compact nanites are attuned to input from the circuit-nodes and can form specific tools much larger than the ring itself as directed by information stored within the circuit-node. Infiltrators utilize these high-tech metal bands to assist in covert missions. Aspis Consortium agents also use these rings to ensure that locks that were opened appear as if they were never tampered with.

When you succeed at a Computers or Engineering check to open a lock, you can activate the ring as a reaction. The ring then stores a record of the processes and tools used in opening the lock, and one of the nanite circuit-nodes on the ring takes on a texture or color associated with the area around the lock. As a move action, you can touch the ring to a lock recorded therein and it recreates the conditions needed to change the lock's status (creating any required tool output with nanites), either opening or relocking that lock.

A bypass subroutine can record one lock in each of its circuit-nodes. Any additional recordings must replace one of the four already in the ring.