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Charlatan’s Wand

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 156
Level 2; Price 500
Capacity 20; Usage varies
Hands 1; Bulk L


Appearing to look like a flashy wand fit for a magic show, this piece of hardware is actually a handheld transformer with primary and secondary coils running up its length and a toroid at the tip. By adjusting the wand’s power output with precise gestures, this device can give off specific types of electromagnetic resonance or discharge.
As a standard action, you can use 1 charge to create a technological effect that replicates the psychokinetic hand spell with the following difference: it only affects magnetic objects. You can use 1 charge per round to maintain this effect, or you can instead take a standard action and use 2 charges to replicate the effect of an energy ray spell (electricity only) instead. Once per day, you can take a full action and use 10 charges to produce the effect of a jolting surge spell. This usage overheats the emitter, however, requiring the wand be powered down for 1 hour before it can be used again for any of its other functions.