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Chrono Jumper Suit

Source Tech Revolution pg. 46
Level 13; Price 53500
Capacity 40; Usage 40
Hands —; Bulk 1


This fitted white and silver carbon fiber suit houses a crystalline network of energy conduits that can displace the wearer forward in time. When you activate the suit as a standard action, choose a number of rounds between 1 and 10. You disappear completely for that many rounds, after which you reappear in the same place and position as if no time had passed at all. The suit does its best to account for movement and relativity, so even if you were riding in a moving vehicle when you disappeared, the suit tries to return you to your seat rather than depositing you in the empty space the vehicle occupied when you activated the device. If your space is occupied when you return, the suit shunts you to the nearest open space that can accommodate you, dealing 1d6 damage to you for every 5 feet it has to shift your destination.
While disappeared, you cannot be harmed or detected by mundane or magical means, as if you had ceased to exist.