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Composter Slime

Source Tech Revolution pg. 46
Level 5; Price 2000
Hands —; Bulk 1


Marketed for the modern sustainable lifestyle, this dormant, biogenetically-engineered nanite organism is sold securely sealed within its own industrial grade plastic container. Once you unseal the package, the composter slime becomes active and requires at least 1 bulk of organic matter per week to survive. Once per week, you can feed the composter slime an object of no more than 1 bulk and whose price does not exceed 500 credits and, after 24 hours of digestion, the slime excretes dry waste pellets that function as UPBs with a market value equal to half that of the item consumed. These pellets are semi-stable, degrading into worthless powder after one month if not used to craft an object.
Composter slimes are functionally sessile. Once active, a slime lives for 20 weeks before dying of old age.