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Dermal Stapler

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 100
Level 3; Price 1,200
Capacity 20; Usage 1/use
Hands 1; Bulk L


This oblong box the length of a human hand contains several hypoallergenic staples and a mass of sticky antiseptic gel. You use the dermal stapler by pressing it onto a willing or unconscious living creature’s wound; the dermal stapler launches one of its staples into the wound to close it and slathers the staple with the antiseptic gel. You can use a dermal stapler on a willing or unconscious creature to automatically end the bleeding condition without a Medicine check. Alternatively, you can use it in conjunction with a medkit to treat deadly wounds and gain a +1 insight bonus to your Medicine check. In addition to consuming a charge with each use, a dermal stapler must synthesize new staples and gel after 20 uses, at a cost in UPBs equal to one-quarter the stapler’s price.