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These rare items are bits of lost technology or unique items less powerful than artifacts. A relic has an item level but can be sold for 100% of the item’s price (like trade goods). A relic cannot be crafted without the means of a specific formula, which is almost always long lost, and often requires specific materials. A relic that became understood well enough to be reproduced, standardized, and mass-marketed might lose its relic status.

Drift Gauntlet

Source Tech Revolution pg. 65
Level 20; Price 850000
Hands —; Bulk L


Ancient relics with connections to the Drift appear from time to time, though it’s unknown if this means the Drift is very old, or if these devices were once connected to some other demiplane that no longer exists. A Drift gauntlet is a six-fingered glove of articulated adamantine plates with four knuckles on each finger, readily wearable on any hand-like appendage, regardless of handedness. When you put on a Drift gauntlet, your hand painlessly transforms to fit its interior, giving you six four-knuckled fingers until the next time you take an 8-hour rest, when your hand regains its normal configuration. A creature must put on a Drift gauntlet willingly; it simply doesn’t fit over the hand of an unwilling creature.
The Drift gauntlet can’t enter the Drift; if you’re on a starship that engages its Drift engine while you’re wearing it, you and the gauntlet get left behind. Once per day, you can grasp a creature or object with the Drift gauntlet and force it into the Drift. A creature can avoid this fate with a successful Will save (DC = 20 + your key ability score modifier); otherwise, it’s cast into the Drift and must find its own means of escape. An unattended object you grasp is automatically forced into the Drift as long as it fits within a 10-foot cube. If you use this ability on a starship’s Drift engine while the engine is activating, the trip takes its minimal amount of time in the Drift (treat each d6 rolled for travel time as 1) as it’s hurled through that plane—but you’re still left behind.