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Drift Harness

Source Drift Crisis pg. 53
Level 14; Price 85000
Capacity 100; Usage 5/use
Hands —; Bulk 2


Extreme miniaturization of Drift engine technology has resulted in this backpack with an extensive web of flexible plastic field emitters. Multiple tape-like extensions wrap along every limb, even fingers, antennae, tails, or similar appendages. Due to the complexity, a Drift harness takes 1 minute to put on. You can’t wear a Drift harness while wearing any armor or any other item that prevents wearing armor.
As a full action, you can activate the Drift harness, permanently consuming a fully charged ultra-capacity battery. You enter the Drift until the beginning of your next turn, at which point you reappear in the same location. If that space is occupied when you return, you appear in the next closest unoccupied space at random. You can’t bring any other creatures with you into the Drift this way, and multiple people using Drift harnesses simultaneously won’t be anywhere near each other in the Drift during this time. You can’t enter the Drift encumbered or overburdened, and the Drift harness will leave behind items you’re carrying or wearing (besides itself) from bulkiest to lightest until you’re no longer encumbered or overburdened. Until the beginning of your next turn, you’re alone, floating freely in the Drift.