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Nano Gadget Loadout

Nano gadget loadouts incorporate technological or personal items into their shape while appearing otherwise ordinary. You can’t integrate weapons, armor, hybrid items, or magical items into the loadout. Pulling out one of the gadgets requires a swift action. Nano gadget loadouts can hold only items purchased at the same time as the loadout or items configured to be used with it (at a cost of UPBs equal to 10% of the item’s price). The loadout type indicates the number of items that fit, and the total levels of all items can’t exceed the level of the loadout.

Nano Gadget Loadout, Duster

Source Drift Crisis pg. 53
Level 12; Price 35400
Hands —; Bulk 1


Can contain items totaling up to 2 bulk (maximum of 4 items with light bulk and 4 items with negligible bulk).

Nano Gadget Loadout, Wristband

Source Drift Crisis pg. 53
Level 5; Price 3100
Hands —; Bulk


Can contain up to 3 items of negligible bulk.

Nano Gadget Loadout, Belt

Source Drift Crisis pg. 53
Level 8; Price 9650
Hands —; Bulk L


Can contain up to 5 items with light or negligible bulk.