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Echo Gloves

Source Drift Crisis pg. 79
Level 4; Price 2000
Capacity 20; Usage 10
Hands —; Bulk L


These rugged gloves have thick, sensor-laden pads along the palms. When placed against a 10-foot surface (such as a floor or section of wall) and activated as a standard action, the gloves emit a sharp, seismic pulse, analyzes the rebounding waves, and publishes its analysis to a designated comm unit within 30 feet. The readout conveys the thickness of the analyzed 10-footsquare surface (to a maximum thickness of 5 feet), which might help identify weak points or hidden passages. It also grants you a +2 circumstance bonus to Engineering to assess stability and Perception checks to find hidden features in the surface. The pulse created is virtually imperceptible, though it’s easily sensed by creatures that can sense the affected surface with blindsense (vibration) or blindsight (vibration).